I am working on a number of project at any given time. Sometimes directed by me and sometimes led by Ph.D. students in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech.  Below are links to some few projects, with links to relevant papers in each.

Design and Methods – Participatory Design, medium probes, and other qualitative methods are part of my research practice, and more recently my scholarly work.

Value-Driven Learning – Value-driven learning is an approach to designing learning interventions  based upon values rather than interest.

Making for Learning – Maker Oriented learning brings hands on electronics, crafts, and sometimes even dance to learning environments. We look at making oriented learning on many different scales, from the design of maker oriented degree programs to the design of breadboards.

Parents Access to Learning and Education for their Children – Parents are one of the most critical influences on students education. Our research explores how they access resources for their children and ways to improve that access.

WeChat and Chinese Technology Practices – The ubiquitous use of the hyper-app WeChat in China is the centerpiece in our studies to better understand how culture influences the design of technology and our practices with technology.

Games and the Glitch Game Testers – Games are used in education in many different ways. These projects range from my dissertation work on the Glitch Game Testers, to studies to better understanding how gamification might work (and how it doesn’t work) in motivating students.

Computer Science Education – Computer Science Education is a theme that runs through much of my work. These projects range from issues of access in computer science, games used in CS education, to creation of a playful assessment tool to be used across subject in middle schools.